If you live in the countryside and would like rustic king bed to match or, you would like to add that rustic feel to your bedroom, durable, quality, and natural wood beds are just what your room requires. This article tries to put forward some of the best quality that there are in the market and durable ones thus you only need to read on through this article. You will find one that you like.

Plateau II Series Bed

It is made to fit well around a metal bed frame, and its dual sides rail give it extra support whereas the lower rail hides the metal to enhance the overall look. All its joints typically utilize time-tested tenon and mortise construction, and each of the Aspen spindles fit snugly into the stringer thus creating a durable handcrafted log bed. It is available in the King-sized, Queen-sized and night stand sizes. With it, also comes a mirror, five drawer chest and six drawer dresser hence this enables maximum utilization of the small rooms to avoid congestion.

Rocky Top Log Cabin Bed

Sleeping is one of the most natural states humans experience, and it can also be the most blissful. Just seeing your bed makes you see a promise of the reward peace, rejuvenation, and quiet after a long day of work. The bed is made from the classic, thick Northern white Cedar logs and each bed frame is well handcrafted to give one the ultimate style and comfort. It is available in various designs and sizes thus you can be sure that it will accommodate you.

Fireside Lodge Cedar Traditional Log Bed

Cedar wood is regarded as one of the best woods for log beds and furniture as it is durable. This rugged bed as well as individually handcrafted is made of hand-peeled Northern white Cedar logs. It has notched side rails which lock the bed together and at the same time, providing a rustic feel. It comes with a Clear-coat catalyzed lacquer finish to provide extra beauty and durability. You can find it in a variety of sizes, and rest assured that it will not disappoint.

Aspen Log Bed

This log bed is quite a classic one, and it is a darker wood that has more tans and browns in it. Each of the handcrafted beds usually bears nature’s markings thus you cannot find any two that are similar. Also, they are hand sanded, then kiln-dried and finished with a protective layer of linseed oil, beeswax, and other organic materials. Its box spring support is made of all natural timber thus giving it an entirely rustic feel and look.

After a long day at work, everyone surely craves for the comfort from a warm and cozy bed. One regularly spends a lot of time at night while sleeping on it thus it ought to be functional and most of all, comfortable. Whether you want a canopy, sleigh or platform bed, many Rustic log beds will complement the space you have in your room.