Easy Methods for Building Homeschool Lesson Plans

Easy Methods for Building Homeschool Lesson Plans

Many homeschool families choose to learn the lessons that are necessary without the use of text books or worksheets. Many use the lesson plan approach of homeschooling. A lesson plan usually takes one or more weeks to complete. It encompasses all, or most, or the subjects that a normal school day covers: math, science, history, language arts, writing, and art. Using lesson plans is often more enjoyable that doing straight reading and answering questions from a textbook.

While it may seem very confusing, building a quality lesson plan is actually not difficult. It can also be a very inexpensive way to homeschool. Many lesson plans can be created for free with resources from a public library or museum and also home builders charlotte nc. The following methods for building homeschool lesson plans will make your homeschool experience more fulfilling.

Brainstorming for Easy Lesson Plan Building

The first step in building a home school lesson plan is to brainstorm ideas. Of course, you must decide what your lesson plan will be about. For this article, we will use the example of Colonial America for our unit study.

After deciding on the main topic of the home school lesson plan, you should figure out what you can study for each school subject. It is obvious how you can include history lessons in a Colonial American lesson plan. You can also include language arts, reading, and writing easily by reading books about Colonial America and writing stories, reports, and journals. You can include art by doing some authentic historical crafts. Math and science can also be included. It is possible to study planting techniques, crop growth charts, simple machines, or ship building and sailing techniques.

Collect Lesson Plan Resources and Materials

After deciding what type of lesson plan studies you are going to complete in your home school, you must gather the appropriate resources and materials. For studying historic Colonial America, you can visit the library for books, documentaries, and reference materials. Do not forget about fiction books about your chosen topic. Entertainment is a great way to learn.

Science and math is always more fun with a hands on approach. Try planting seed corn with and without fish, as the Native Americans did. Figure out the appropriate measurements to use when building a model covered wagon.

Museums, historical sites, and special events are a great way to include more entertainment into your homeschool lesson plan.

Whatever topics you choose to study in your homeschool classroom, creating lesson plans is a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. Lesson plans make it easy to incorporate all subjects into one fun lesson.


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