What should you look for when buying a laminate floor? And during installation? Is it as easy as the manufacturers claim?

There are fewer problems with the click systems than before when laminate had to be glued in tongue and groove. There are hardly any unwanted joints left today. Nevertheless, one should always note that laminate works. That’s why an edge joint to the wall is important; ten millimeters are ideal. Anyone laying laminate on mineral substrates must necessarily lay a PE film that prevents moisture as a vapor barrier. And with doorways, of course, an expansion joint is important.

How do you recognize the quality of laminate?

The price is a starting point, but of course, not an absolute criterion. It is more important to pay attention to the construction of the laminate floor and to compare exactly the manufacturer’s specifications.

How many layers do the panels have? Is the carrier layer made of a highly compressed HDF wood fiberboard, which is particularly dimensionally stable? Is the quality of the edges explicitly highlighted? Especially here, there are great differences in quality because the edges are the weak point of laminate flooring. Finally, you can orient yourself to the warranty information: For good quality is given from 15 years warranty.

And if you buy a cheap laminate?

Then you should expect that the floor will not be long-lasting. The long edges lift and are worn faster. The cause of this wear is the inferior material that can be in low-cost laminates stuck. The wood-based materials are connected with less pressure, so they absorb moisture more easily and can then deform. In addition, often layers that protect the panels from below, especially against moisture. And the resin layer, which is supposed to protect from above, wears off early. This can delaminate the soil.

Some panels are only a few millimeters thick. What is the quality of the laminate?

Unfortunately, often poor. The panels are not robust enough due to the low strength, and also the connection systems are often unstable. If the ground is just a bit uneven, tongue and groove are out; the spring can even break. Generally, the thicker the laminate, the better the quality.

What is the other option?

You can look for the other better options while installing your floor. If you want long-lasting flooring component is comparatively moderate price, you should go for engineered wood floor. The difference between laminate and engineered hardwood is many. But they do provide an almost same look to your floor.

So, for flooring, if you have a low budget, it is better to go with the quality laminate flooring. Otherwise, engineered wood is always an excellent option to choose.