Commonly, incense burners is can be light by just a single match however because of its vast development there are incense burner that is widely available in the market with different designs and texture that made it extra ordinarily difficult to light or burn. Typically, incenses are being burned more quickly which produces smoke and scent. There are variety of incense and using incense burner will vary from what you choose to use. Generally, you will burn the incense on a plate made of ceramic material or any other surface that is non-flammable. However, if you wanted to have more incense and ensures safety then you must to look for incense burner that can give you an exemplary result. See below discussion:

• Cones and Cylinders

Through the use if this incense burner, it is necessary that you have a god incense burner not just a simple one that can simply catch some ashes. Ordinarily, incense with wood core inside it, can’t be burned completely but this cone and or cylinder incense has the capacity to be burned completely, so it is necessary that you have a heat resistant surface. Brass burner is one of the well known cone incense that is made of brass bowls. It’s walls should be made high so the cones will not fall out.

• Solid Sticks

This is the incense that does not have a core will burn completely hence it is not advisable to have it burned in a wooden incense burner; this solid sticks are best to be used in a censer with either ash, dry grain or sand.

• Cored Stick

This is the most common incense burner and the easiest amongst the entire classification incense burner. Generally, this incense can hold several pieces of incense at once and holds the stick up and down; so it basically doesn’t require wide spaces. In addition, this can also be burned on the ground for as long as the flammable materials are moved away from its place.

• Loose Incense

Through loose incense, you are need a charcoal grill where you can put sand in the bowl, use a metal screen in order to keep the charcoal, put some charcoal bricks and in the edges, and finally put your loose incense right on the top of the charcoal. In this way, the scents of the incense are released in the air.

Lighting Incense

Technically, incense has its own way of burning or lighting it; the stick, cone and cylinder incense is done through either a holding match or flame to the coated end of the incense and removes; the incense will naturally burn on its own in a slow paced manner


If you have light incense, you should always keep in your mind its presence. Make sure that your incense burner is not being surrounded with a close contact of flammable materials for you to avoid unwanted incident.

Note: Never leave your lighted incense unattended. As much as possible, guard it with due care and respect.