Instructions for the E-Z up canopy

Set up instruction for E-Z up canopy: An E-Z up canopy is a shelter that can collapse down to a size as well as portable. Usually, this kind of canopy...

Set up instruction for E-Z up canopy:

An E-Z up canopy is a shelter that can collapse down to a size as well as portable. Usually, this kind of canopy comes in two pieces. One of them is the canopy frame and is the canopy top. These canopies usually used for sports events, festivals and trade shows. Before using the E-Z up canopy you need to know about the instruction of setting it up.

The setup instruction of the E-Z up canopy is discussed below –

  • The E-Z up canopy is best erected if there are two people doing it. First of all, they should place the frame in the middle of the desired area. After that, each person should grasp two legs and then they will have to lift it off the ground and step backward until the arms are at full length.
  • In the next step, each person will grasp the middle two trusses lift and walk backward until they hear release pins ‘click’ at the top section of the four legs. It is important to make sure that they are secure with a tug on the slider. They need to stay careful about not pinching their fingers. It should not be opened by the legs.
  • After that, they will have to unfold the top and stretch it over the open frame. Then they will have to secure the Velcro on the top to the frame and the Velcro. Now the elastic strips need to be clipped on to the lower truss at the mid-point of the frame’s each side.
  • Then, each person that standing by adjacent legs will lift up the legs and pull the inner legs until the snap button is engaged. After that, the same thing will be repeated for the remaining legs. They can use the five height adjustment set with a view to set up the canopy at the required height.

Take down instruction for the E-Z up canopy:

Like the setup instruction, you will have to follow some instruction at the time of taking down the E-Z up canopy too. They are –

  • You are recommended to remove the top for storage. After that unclip the elastic straps. Then remove the top and fold it.
  • Pull the release pins on all the four legs. For making sure pins are disengaged pull at the slider.
  • Like setting up the E-Z up canopy, two people are also needed to take it down. Each person will have to go to the center of the opposite side. Then they will have to grasp the top trusses of the middle section. After that, they will have to lift it. Then they need walk backward each other until the canopy is at arms’ length. After that, each person can grab two legs and close it completely.

It is very easy to set up the E-Z up canopy and also easy take it down. But to do it in a perfect way a few instructions need to be followed in both setting up and taking down.

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